Strictly Idler - drive that is!

Why do they sound so good?

More arm pics .........

Some close ups showing the collar in detail -

The lower arm arrived as in the pic - the pin was missing.  The connector is a tight fit, but once the pin is removed, it can be pulled out of the arm tube. 

Connector, collar and washer

GL59 - the first heavy for Goldring?

Not confirmed yet, but latest info seems to indicate that the GL59 and GL60 were Goldring's first heavy platter offerings.  There are no Lenco versions of the 59 and 60.  The GL59 was first sold without arm, then when Lenco released the L70 with arm, Goldring supplied the GL59 with the same Lenco arm.

The first heavy platter from Lenco was the L70, all 3 decks were available during the first years of the 1960s.  About 1962/3 the 59 and 60 were discontinued by Goldring, and they rebadged L70s as GL70s.

This is a well used and abused GL59.  Paintwork has suffered some rusting and the inevitable dust-bug glue damage.


The GL59 is a heavy platter Goldring Lenco with an arm that still has potential today.   Imo this arm is better than the later 69 and 75 arms. 

Some more pictures of 59/70 arm components -


After disassembling the arm I realised it could be tricky getting back together.  Particularly the vtf springs.  Mmmmm.  It turned out to be straightforward by using a wire loop, see pics.

Easy peasy.