Strictly Idler - drive that is!

Why do they sound so good?

Lenco B55

This B55 came out of a Bush music centre.  Lenco must have sold units direct to OEMs as well as providing badged units to Goldring.  The Goldring equivalent to this deck is the GL72 afaik.

It came with the metal idler wheel, and the Lenco arm L69, soft arm bearings cut right through as usual.  The forerunner to this deck from Goldring was the GL69, the only difference I can see is the aluminium trim at the front is smaller on the 69.

Getting ready to mount a different arm. L69 arm hole is smaller than the L75 so no way to mount a Linn arm without surgery.  I had removed this S shaped arm from a Sharp music centre, but unfortunately didn't find a way to mount it.  Notice the metal idler wheel and the smaller bearing. 

Below - set up on a board of hardwood and the tent pole legs, and trying a Connoisseur SAU2 arm.  This was the only arm I had that would fit without cutting the top plate.  The L69 pivot is 210mm from the spindle, so the SAU2 ideal setting of 200mm could not be obtained.  I achieved near 2 point alignment by sliding the cartridge forward.  Using a glass mat with a Wilko shelf lining mat the sound was very good.  The Lenco qualities are there.

The TD150 plinth I used with the GL75 is the same colouring as the hardwood board, so I cleaned and oiled the plinth and used it with this deck.  GL75 is back on the tent pole legs. 

The look is very similar to the Pioneer PL41/51 range.  I always liked them.

B55 Update - Oct 2005

An arm that fits ........... easy!