Strictly Idler - drive that is!

Why do they sound so good?

Keep it stock ......... ish!

Ok a new Lenco arrives.

I've decided to keep it pretty much stock, just changing the arm and some minor tweaks.  This deck is mounted in the later plinth where the plate is screwed to the top plinth and this is supported from the base board by 4 springs.

If your 75 arm is close to the shroud like this one then the V blocks are shot. 

I am removing this arm anyway, so off comes the platter and snip go the thin arm wires from the connecting terminals.

Then under the deck snip the yellow earth wire that goes to the tag strip (not the one that loops back into the arm).  I cut this one at the arm, so I can re-use it connected to the motor body.

Then it's just loosen the grub screws and out it comes.  The grub screws can be seen on this pic.  Notice that I have also clipped the thicker preamp cables from the tag strip, the Linn arm that I intend to use won't need them.

Here's a shot inside the shroud, fuzzy but visible v blocks are well past their best.

Here's one of Jean's important mods - replace the idler spring with elastic, nice one.

Cleaned and oiled the plinth, but it's not quite ready yet - it still needs something .............. 


- Easy arm fitting

The Linn LVV drops straight in.  Just need to setup the anti-skate.

- Listening ..........

Keeping this 75 (nearly) stock means it fits in nicely with the 70s style system I am building.  First attempt in the pic.


Dragged some old kit from the loft to fill the cabinets, not strictly 70s but getting there.  Pride of place goes to the Trio KA8004 amplifier.  The 2 phono inputs will make deck comparisons easier.